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Pam Evans

Managing Partner

Pam Evans is the President of Star Benefit Associates and a Managing Partner at Integrity Marketing Group.

Pam has 35 years in the insurance and healthcare industry. She started her career as a purchasing agent and hospital representative for a wholesale pharmaceutical company before beginning to work at Star Benefit Associates in 1996, a company started in 1987 by Pam’s mother. In 2002, Pam led Star Benefit Associates when they were asked by a local health plan to launch the first Medicare Advantage PPO in the state of Indiana as a pilot program for CMS. Pam trained and managed sales agents, developed and implemented lead programs, trained SHIP offices and provided informational seminars to the public for the new Medicare program.

Pam received her BA from Indiana University and has been invited to speak to businesses, professional groups, universities and other entities on Medicare topics. She was a member of a select “A-Team” sales force for a local health plan, served on various agent advisory boards for a variety of carriers, as well as served on the Annual Caregivers Conference sponsored by The Voice of Aging. Pam is a speaker and committee member for ISAHU’s annual Medicare Summit and she is on the Board of Directors for New Hope of Indiana, a local nonprofit serving the needs of people with disabilities.

Pam loves to hike and is passionate about the outdoors. She enjoys taking hiking trips and spending time with her son, who lives in Indiana, and her daughter, who lives in California.

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