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Get to know the faces behind the Integrity name. Each of these men and women work tirelessly to ensure the Integrity family is growing, thriving and happy.

Sunny Rubin

Managing Partner

Sunny Rubin is the President of Golden Years Design Benefits and a Managing Partner at Integrity Marketing Group.

In 1990, after the death of her husband, Sunny took a job working for an insurance company. Her goal was to find a career that allowed her to support her family financially as well as give her flexibility to take care of her two sons. Sunny quickly fell in love with the insurance industry. She received her license and started Golden Years Design Benefits with a strong commitment to help her clients and agents. Sunny treats her employees like family and believes that’s been one of the key reasons her company has been so successful. She’s also passionate about creating an office space that adds a bit of magic to the agency.

Sunny always finds a way to shine and add sparkle to her work and personal life. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her son, Devin, and his family. She encourages visitors to stop by and say hello – especially if they like strawberries, red licorice or Pepperidge Farm Milano dark chocolate cookies.

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