Unity Builds Dynamic Legacy of Growth and Innovation by Partnering with Integrity

March 26, 2024

Agency focused on serving diverse community of agents and clients turns to Integrity for next era of growth fueled by access to Integrity’s transformative technology-focused Suite of Solutions

DALLAS – MARCH 26, 2024 – Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, today announced it has partnered with Unity, one of the country’s leading independent marketing organizations based in Austin, Texas, and led by Jorge Pelayo. Financial details of the partnership were not disclosed.

“Jorge leads Unity with a rare combination of passion and drive from a young age. His inspiring story is a blueprint for success in our industry,” shared Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “This partnership is a deeply synergistic coming together of values and vision, recognizing that combined strengths help us both achieve more. Now that Unity is part of our Integrity family, we are committed to empowering them with industry-leading technology solutions that are designed to enhance their capabilities to serve even more diverse communities across the nation. Together, we’ll see an elevation of our collective mission to serve consumers, empower agents and lead the industry, inclusive of underserved markets. Now as an Integrity partner, Unity’s future is brighter than ever before!”

With an innate ability to reshape experiences into opportunities, Pelayo founded Unity on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed. His hands-on approach and commitment to his agents’ success have set a new standard in the industry. Unity offers life insurance and annuity solutions tailored to the needs of diverse families across the country. More than just an agency, Unity operates with family-based values as a close-knit business built on the founding principles of loyalty and trust in a deeply supportive environment.

“This partnership holds incredible potential to impact countless lives,” expressed Jorge Pelayo, Founder of Unity. “From an early age, I realized that challenges could shape my approach to leadership and propel me toward dreaming bigger. I wanted to ensure that no one’s dreams were limited by their circumstances and I’m proud that Unity has grown to serve thousands of families across the country. Joining forces with Integrity is more than a partnership, it’s a strategic alliance that propels our shared mission forward. This exciting new chapter aligns us with a company that shares our values while providing the most dynamic technology and resources that will help our agents succeed even faster. Together, Integrity and Unity are building a legacy that ensures a secure and prosperous future.”

By leveraging Integrity’s state-of-the-art Suite of Solutions, Unity will expand its reach and continue to provide exceptional service for clients. The end-to-end Integrity platform includes LifeCENTER, an innovative cloud-based platform offering life agents a streamlined system to better manage client relationships and policies, save time and grow their business faster. It also encompasses Ask Integrity™, the industry’s leading AI-powered digital assistant that provides real-time data analysis and intelligence to help agents establish and maintain stronger client relationships and offer the most impactful solutions. Partners can also expand their reach to clients using LeadCENTER to instantly access actionable leads across demographics.

“Jorge and his remarkable team at Unity know what it takes to be successful in this business,” explained Patrick Bet-David, Managing Partner at Integrity. “They also understand that the industry is rapidly evolving in supporting diverse communities, with technology playing an increasingly vital role in serving the needs of every stakeholder. Partnering with a company like Integrity that values innovative technology as much as they do will help Unity reach new levels of success. It gives them the resources and support they need to serve agents and consumers even better than they already do today, which in turn will help them grow even faster. I’m proud of all that Jorge has accomplished so far, and very excited to see where this partnership with Integrity will help take Unity moving forward!”

Integrity leads through innovation in an ever-changing market by bringing together the country’s foremost insurance and finance companies. The Integrity partner network welcomes Pelayo into its collective of industry leaders who are forging more holistic solutions that better protect consumers’ life, health and wealth. Their comprehensive solutions take into account all facets of legacy and retirement needs, helping Americans plan for the good days ahead.

About Integrity

Integrity, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of innovative solutions for wealth management and retirement planning. Through its broad partner network of agents and advisors, Integrity helps millions of Americans protect their life, health and wealth with a commitment to meet them wherever they are — in person, over the phone and online. Integrity’s proprietary, cutting-edge technology helps expand the insurance and financial planning experience for all stakeholders using an omnichannel approach. In addition, Integrity develops products with carrier partners and markets them compliantly through its nationwide distribution network. Providing best-in-class service to their clients and consumers is at the center of Integrity’s holistic approach to life, health and wealth protection. The company and its partners focus on helping families and individuals prepare for the good days ahead, so they can make the most of what life brings. For more information, visit www.integrity.com.

About Unity

Over the course of its two-decade history, Unity has become a beacon of innovation and excellence in the insurance industry. The Austin, Texas-based agency, has grown to support 11,500 licensed agents and has impacted the lives of more than 90,000 clients by providing a wide range of life insurance and annuity solutions. Unity transcends traditional boundaries of insurance. The firm specializes in bringing new professionals into the industry and developing them into successful independent brokers, creating unmatched opportunities for growth and empowerment. With a culture steeped in unity and a relentless drive toward excellence, Unity agency is redefining what it means to build a successful, service-driven legacy. For more information, visit www.phpunity.com.

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