Cinco De Mayo Celebration Highlights!

Category: Integrity Culture

Date: May 25, 2023

Our Cinco de Mayo celebration at our Dallas Shared Services Office was a vibrant and joyous affair that brought together our team in a spirited celebration of Mexican culture. From the moment the event kicked off, the air was filled with excitement, laughter and the delightful aroma of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Our colleagues indulged in a delicious spread of tacos, elotes, paletas and other cultural dishes, savoring the flavors of Mexico. The venue was transformed into a fiesta, adorned with colorful decorations, creating a festive atmosphere that immersed everyone in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo.

Live music filled the air with a vibrant mariachi band and captivating traditional folklórico dance performances that showcased the beauty of Mexican traditions. The rhythmic beats and graceful movements had everyone joining in the celebration.

Supporting local businesses and talent was also a key focus of the event. Our team had the opportunity to discover and shop from talented Mexican-owned vendors, appreciating their unique crafts, jewelry, clothing and artwork. It was a celebration of diversity and empowerment, fostering a sense of community and connection!

The Cinco de Mayo celebration exemplified the core values of Integrity and increased our appreciation of diverse cultures while creating memorable experiences as a team.

Experience the joy, excitement and camaraderie that filled the Integrity Café during this special event. Click the button above to watch the video and cherish the memories!

Thank you to all our colleagues who contributed to the success of the event and embraced the festive spirit. Your enthusiasm and positive energy made the celebration truly memorable. Let’s look forward to future events that bring us together, inspire us and create a workplace where everyone feels valued and celebrated.

Viva la fiesta!

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