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Grace Tran

Grace Tran is Vice President of Community Care Agency. Grace began her professional journey in 2008 after graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma. She was a managing partner for a top chain hotel in the Midwest region from 2008 to 2012, before pivoting to the insurance sector. From 2013 to 2018, she owned an..

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Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee is President of Community Care Agency. Jimmy graduated from the University of Kansas in 2000 and started his career in insurance the following year. After gaining several years of valuable industry experience, he transitioned to managing his family’s various businesses from 2006 to 2017. Recognizing an untapped market in the insurance sector, he founded..

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Aaron Ballard

Aaron Ballard is President of Ballard & Associates. Aaron got his start in the insurance industry in 1993. Prior to that, he was a 2nd degree black belt and full-time martial arts instructor. That experience gave Aaron a strong foundation of principles he was able to adapt and apply to his new career. After transitioning into insurance, Aaron..

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Rachel Stockton

Rachel Stockton is Vice President of Stockton Agency. Rachel is an accounting graduate from the University of Texas. She gained valuable experience in financial management as an independent accountant for small businesses and in working for several successful corporations before joining her husband, Russ, to handle accounting at Stockton Agency. Rachel’s strong financial background and..

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Russ Stockton

Russ Stockton is President of Stockton Agency. Russ started his insurance career in 1981 while attending the University of Arkansas. Through early experiences in team sports, he learned the importance of building relationships based on trust. That understanding has remained key to his success with clients and agents alike. Russ is a dedicated professional with..

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Philip Edwards

Philip Edwards is President of River City Senior Benefits. Philip began his insurance career in 1990 as an independent agent, specializing in Medicare supplements, final expense and annuity products. He later expanded his expertise to include Medicare Advantage when it became available in the market. Over the course of a decade, Philip built strong relationships..

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Lawrence Bradley, Sr.

Lawrence Bradley, Sr., is the Founder and CEO of Senior Health & Life Benefits. Since his start in the insurance industry in 1988, Lawrence has been drawn to and passionate about helping seniors. In 1993, Lawrence successfully opened his own agency in Savannah, Georgia. His strong work ethic, commitment to service and special knack for..

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Jason Thomason

Jason Thomason is President of South Atlantic Management. Jason began his career in 2006, and quickly emerged as a top individual producer with multiple carriers. He was recognized for demonstrating exceptional success and for becoming an expert in his field. Understanding the level of impact he could have on more families by sharing his expertise and supporting..

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Arric Allen

Arric Allen is the Founder and CEO of Allen and Associates. Arric began his professional career as a debit agent with a home service company in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1994, he became a licensed independent agent, marketing Medicare supplements and final expense insurance. He quickly found success and was named a top-performing agent in the..

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Julia Porter

Julia Porter is COO of The Porter Group. After practicing occupational therapy for 20 years, health circumstances moved Julia in a new direction, and she decided to partner with her husband, Gene, in the insurance field. This, in turn, led to the start of their agency, The Porter Group. Julia graduated from Eastern Kentucky University..

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Gene Porter

Gene Porter is CEO of The Porter Group. Gene was born in the northern panhandle of West Virginia, outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He entered the insurance business in 2006, after life events and experiences helped him learn the value of insurance and how it protects people. With a mission to help educate others, Gene started..

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Ofelia W. Parga

Ofelia W. Parga is Vice President and CFO of Alliance Insurance Solutions. Ofelia was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, in a humble family. As the youngest of seven children, Ofelia was quickly instilled with strong family values of honesty, compassion, hard work and faith. She understood early in life the sacrifices her elderly..

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